About us


ONNIVATORS is a Finland-based BINGO – a Business oriented, International NGO – that provides a meaningful business forum to private businesses, ambitious foreign and Finnish professionals and  public sector organizations.

Our vision is that by 2017 ONNIVATORS is a Finnish game-changer in the international talent attraction & retention space by being a key partner to the stakeholders of the Finnish innovation ecosystem.

Our mission is to create an ecosystem where businesses and top tier talent come together to nurture mutual growth and foster economic sustainability for private individuals, businesses and the public sector.

ONNIVATORS makes sure that companies and organizations find the right person for the job by providing face-to-face opportunities with talented foreign and Finnish professionals. We also help foreign jobseekers identify and articulate their unique selling points to Finnish employers and to offer them the opportunity to expand their Finnish business network.

ONNIVATORS’ goals are to:

  • build and maintain an extensive and dynamic database of international professionals interested in pursuing a career in Finland
  • develop a service portfolio that adds value for companies, talents and organisations and ensures self-sustaining, continuous operations
  • establish and maintain long term partnerships with private sector service providers and key stakeholders of innovation ecosystem
  • be the leading expert organization related to execution of national level immigration and innovation policies

The association was established in January 2016 with the following persons as board members:

Melissa Arni-Hardén, Chair Logo-2C-14px

Jessie Cat, Vice Chair  Logo-2C-14px

Ann Plough Logo-2C-14px

Jennifer Kutvonen, Logo-2C-14px


Secretary to the board:

Richar Carter, Logo-2C-14px


Lisa Eboigbodin, Logo-2C-14px