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Virtual and augmented realitydefine the landscape for future business. vIRtual2016 is for everyone – companies and individual professionals – who is interested in being in the forefront.

DATE:  Thursday, May 26, 2016

TIME:  8.30 – 21.00

VENUE:   Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14, Otaniemi


Insights from virtual and augmented reality industry experts


Pre-arranged 1-on-1 meetings



Jamming sessions

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Are you an international professional looking for a job? Are you a company looking to grow internationally?

Come to the Town Hall Talent Meeting 2.0!

DATE:  Wednesday, March 30, 2016

TIME:  15.30 – 18.00

VENUE:   Design Factory, Betonimiehenkuja 5 C, Otaniemi


Let’s join forces to make a change in the Finnish job market!


15.30  Registration & Coffee

16.00   Welcome

International talent to the Finnish job market – past, present and future

Melissa Arni-Hardén, chairman of the board, ONNIVATORS ry

Markku Lahtinen, project director, At Work in Finland, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce (TBC)

Annu Nieminen, CEO, Group for Growth – Kasvuryhmä ry (TBC)

16.30  Workshop:

From Framing the Issue to Finding a Solution

17.30  Action points and implications

18.00  Networking over refreshments

Pre-arranged 1:1 meetings between companies and talents

19.00  Event Adjourns

The event is free of charge, hosted by ONNIVATORS ry and …

Please register by March 23:

Company registration HERE.

Individual professional registration HERE.

Further inquiries to

Program subject to changes.


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DATE:   Saturday, March 19, 2016

TIME:   11.00 – 14.00

VENUE:  Aalto Design Factory, Betonimiehenkuja 5, Otaniemi

Together with Aalto University, Forenom, Learnia and Small Folks, ONNIVATORS invite families with children (and all young-minded adults who have a sweet tooth for Easter eggs, too!) to Design Factory to prepare for traditional Finnish Easter activities. We decorate willow twigs, enjoy snacks and rehearse the rhyme children chant when whisking willows at neighbors’ doors on Palm Sunday.

The Finnish version of ‘Trick or Treat’ goes like this:

‘Virvon varvon, tuoreeks terveeks, tulevaks vuodeks, vitsa sulle, palkka mulle.’


A free translation of the rhyme is; ‘With this twig I wish you blessings and good health for next year. You get the twig, I get a treat.’

Please sign up by paying €15/family for material and servings costs HERE. Fee for ONNIVATORS members is €5, sign up as member HERE. If you are already a member you can redeem your discount code by emailing


Finland is an innovation nation. Many people say “Finland is a club, not a country”, a tightly knit community where the significance of networks is even more emphasized.  ONNIVATORS opens up networks that are prerequisite to building a successful business for you and in developing your career. Interdependence and desire to share own expertise for the benefit of others are key elements in today’s networked societies. Carrying out tasks and projects successfully require some level of involvement from an average of eight people in total.

ONNIVATORS is a co-creation platform for passionate individuals, ambitious companies and innovative organisations from the public and third sectors.

Benefits for individual professionals:

  • Value-adding career development services
  • Social and professional networking opportunities
  • Forum for advocacy
  • Opportunity to gain experience and references by taking on positions of trust
  • Visibility towards and matchmaking with Finnish employers
  • Opportunities to gain income on commission basis

Benefits for companies and industry:

  • Access to a pool of talent that can
  • increase company’s exports, productivity and innovativeness
  • tap into international networks
  • Non-taxable support to international recruits and their families in setting up life in Finland
  • Access to/marketing channel for value adding recruitment services
  • Access to financial support for international recruitments
  • Enforce employer brand with an attractive location image
  • CSR-visibility

Benefits for public sector organisations

  • Support the self-motivated integration of internationals to Finland
  • Endorse country & place brand as home base of attractive employers
  • Strengthen economic competitiveness by attracting international talent relevant to industry
  • Decrease costs for unemployment and
  • Increase efficiency of existing forms of support for employment and
  • Increase tax income by retaining talent
  • Secure return on investment on education of international students


Submit your member information
as a private individual HERE
as a company HERE.

Membership fees can be paid HERE.

Join Us!

Helsinki University Main Library (Kaisa-House)-1_1191Benefits of ONNIVATORS membership include:

  • quarterly newsletters providing information about social and professional networking opportunities
  • discount on participation fees to events, such as
    • winter & Easter family fun
    • social networking at annual crayfish party
    • professional networking at recruitment & matchmaking events arranged in collaboration with HR- and recruitment service providers
    • hackathons
  • a formal channel for advocacy
  • access to tools that support career development in Finland
  • visibility of professional profile towards recruiters
  • employer branding & visibility.


Registered associations or NGOs play a significant role in Finnish society and by joining ONNIVATORS you can have a real impact. According to its bylaws, ONNIVATORS has two annual meetings: the autumn meeting elects the board, decides the membership fees and approves the plan of action with budget for the following year. The spring meeting approves the financial statements and annual report for the previous year.

The membership fees for 2016 are:

Private individuals €45. For students and unemployed -50% off. To redeem your discount code, please verify your status by e-mail to

Companies and organizations:
micro/startup – max 10 employees: €90
SME – 10 to 250 employees: €350
Corporate – over 250 employees: €750

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ONNIVATORS is for private individuals who want to pursue an international career and organizations that want to retain and attract talent to Finland for the benefit of Finnish employers and economy.

ONNIVATORS welcomes as members individual persons who want to expand their social and professional networks and to build a meaningful career in Finland. ONNIVATORS are people who want to engage in and contribute to the Finnish society to make an impact and build a better future. ONNIVATORS are happy innovators.

Companies can also become members of the association. ONNIVATORS’ member companies understand that active employer branding is necessary to attract top talent to Finland. They also understand the value of international professionals and their target market specific expertise as well as see them as a channel to global networks that support growth.

The association is also open to umbrella organizations, public sector and regional development organizations who want to build and maintain an image of Finland and its key industries as an attractive location for top talent. For them ONNIVATORS provides a collaboration platform where attractive regions, industries and individual companies can join forces in proactive talent attraction and retention activities.


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