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ONNIVATORS is collaborating with RecRight to help companies discover the personality, motivation and passion of their next recruit. Member companies can post their open positions on ONNIVATORS’ careers page and get access to the video recruitment tool.

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Since January 2016 ONNIVATORS has been carrying on the legacy of TalentMatch®, a concept that was developed and launched in 2012 by Otaniemi Marketing Ltd and Technopolis Plc.  TalentMatch® are “job fair light” -type of events with the aim of connecting companies and professionals looking to develop their career and business in an international environment, mainly in knowledge intensive sectors.

Key components in the event format are live pitching and pre-arranged 1:1 meetings as well as free-form networking. By June 2015 the 14 TalentMatch®  events brought together  2000 professionals and 200 companies as participants. During the events a total of 1000 new contacts were established, over 600 pre-arranged meetings were held which resulted in nearly 550 follow-up meetings. Most importantly, as a result of TalentMatch®, a total of 60 contracts were verified.

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