ONNIVATORS is for private individuals who want to pursue an international career and organizations that want to retain and attract talent to Finland for the benefit of Finnish employers and economy.

ONNIVATORS welcomes as members individual persons who want to expand their social and professional networks and to build a meaningful career in Finland. ONNIVATORS are people who want to engage in and contribute to the Finnish society to make an impact and build a better future. ONNIVATORS are happy innovators.

Companies can also become members of the association. ONNIVATORS’ member companies understand that active employer branding is necessary to attract top talent to Finland. They also understand the value of international professionals and their target market specific expertise as well as see them as a channel to global networks that support growth.

The association is also open to umbrella organizations, public sector and regional development organizations who want to build and maintain an image of Finland and its key industries as an attractive location for top talent. For them ONNIVATORS provides a collaboration platform where attractive regions, industries and individual companies can join forces in proactive talent attraction and retention activities.


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